Are you concerned about getting a C&D (Cease and Desist) from CBS/Paramount for your Very Obviously Star Trek “Tamerlane” comic?

No… So… here’s the thing. I don’t make any money off of it. I don’t ask for support for Tamerlane at all, and I don’t draw it as my primary comic. I am drawing it because I love Star Trek.  I listened to Van Citters’ comments on the Engage podcast and it was clear to me that the position of CBS is that we are okay so long as we don’t make any money (As certain other fan groups have done).

Are you quitting Tamerlane?

Heavens no 😀 .  The Tamerlane story arc literally ends when the ship is retired in 2272.  So if you have not seen the ship in drydock in 2272, then there is still more Tamerlane to be done.   I just don’t work on Tamerlane regularly because other stories get in the way sometimes (Ones that I CAN charge money for… gotta pay the bills 😀 ).

Witches Of Flame:


Do you research your comics?

You wouldn’t believe… SO MUCH Research…

Where can I find more information about WC-121/Apollo-12/Dr.Eve Sheridan/Etc?

Did you know I have a Wiki? Here’s the Witchi!!!  Beware, though: It’s full of spoilers…



How long have you been writing Springs?

since 2000

Why?  Just… why?

Yeah… I sort of ask myself that regularly…