My very first “Real” comic. Made in March of 1995, you can see exactly when I learned certain drawing techniques, in fact, pages 4-10 were drawn on 8.5″x11″ paper… It wasn’t until page 11 that I learned I needed to draw on 11×17″ paper and scale DOWN. Presented as it was published in the DAI magazine (A local Anime fanzine in Denver). Pages 1-3 were added later, after pages 15 or so, hence the jump in quality. And yes, I know the numbering… be kind, this was my very first comic, you can’t see it, but the numbers are PASTED into the paper. This was in the days before Photoshop, all of the text was typed up in Microsoft Word (Using *gasp* Comic Sans) and then printed out, cut out, and then glued to the masters… which were… rather horrifyingly, normal copy paper. I still hold on to these masters. They make me happy. 🙂