My Story

I was born in Houston, but moved to Colorado when I was two.  I grew up in the Centennial State and call it home.  I began watching Star Trek in 1976 or so, and went to my first convention (StarCon Denver) in 1984.  I started drawing my first comics about that time as well. Based loosely off of Bloom County’s  Star Trek spoof:

I was in 5th grade and my teacher was not impressed as I was SUPPOSED to be studying crawdads.

Growing up

I went to college and tried to get a degree and, like all good art majors, quit.  I didn’t restart college until I was in my 30s, when I went back, got a degree in Animation and then spent a few years in Japan… not doing animation.

… teaching English.  But that’s okay, because during THAT time, my Star Trek comic work improved!

I had evolved into a comic artist. So… well… here we are. It’s the 21st century and I’m ready to get cracking!


I have a few different styles that I’ve cultivated. My Manga style is probably the most deeply worked on… but in 2000 I had this weird idea that maybe I could work on an easier style, something that would be less time consuming.  A Storyteller’s job is to transmit the story, so if I could somehow find a faster way to transmit my story… Well, Springs was born.

Now I run BOTH of these styles… even though they are nothing alike.